Would a CRM be good for my business?  

Well, that depends.  Do you want your business to grow?

We don’t mean to be smart about this, however, whether your business is large or small with ambitions to grow, a CRM is beneficial.  A business thrives because of one thing – its strong relationship with its customers.  Since relationships are the lifeblood of your business, you would want to build, and maintain, long-lasting relationships with your customers.  Even if your company is a start-up without any paying customers yet, you would still want to keep track of every potential lead from the get go.  And the best way to monitor everything and everyone is using a CRM.

Actually, a CRM is more than beneficial, it’s critical to achieving business success, increasing sales, improving customer service and building relationships with potential customers.  Let’s look at your current customers.  A CRM system will give you a clear overview of your customers as everything is in one place.  You could set up your dashboards to display the data that is most important to you.  For example, you might want to see the number of times a customer responded to an email campaign or what their quarterly sales are.  This 360 degree view gives your salespeople better insights to personalize their service to them and win more deals.  In addition, a CRM helps with potential customers.  With the information you have on these leads, you would know what new products would be a good fit for them and which prospects would be worth investing in.

Since sales automation is usually the first task companies look to achieve, with a CRM, you could automate sending reminders, promotional offers and invoices to customers.   You could also automate tasks for yourself such as sending reminders to follow up with customers or producing reports on your sales and other business data.

Installing a CRM would absolutely help grow your business.  It is a living and breathing organism and the more information you feed it, the better the insight it will have.  Your CRM would evolve daily as new information is added.  With all of this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to create custom reports and forecasts to help make actionable decisions in growing your business.

If you are considering installing a CRM and want guidance on choosing one, contact Pacific Street for a consultation.