Integrating Your CRM Helps Users Stay Focused and Productive

If your team uses outside software such as productivity tools, timekeeping apps, email, marketing platforms, or accounting software, there’s a good chance that having some of that data integrate with your CRM would help streamline your users’ workflow.

It might be helpful, for example, for your sales reps to be able to see a list of all their customers who clicked into a recent marketing email right in their dashboard so they can follow up with those contacts. Integrating with your marketing software could make that happen.

Or, perhaps your sales reps need to know if their customer has a credit hold on their account. If you hired a CRM Administration Service to integrate your CRM with your Accounting software, your could automate a credit hold flag on accounts with past due bills, or even set up an automation to notify the rep that this customer’s bill is past due. Attempting to open a new opportunity with this customer might then send a request for approval to a manager or to the accounting department.

And maybe you have just started using company email a whole lot more for internal communication now that your workforce has become more distributed. Integrating your email with your CRM can help your users easily see conversations that happened yesterday or two months ago right in the customer record without having to do any special email searches. And it can also help your users see all the CRM data by showing related records right in your email inbox. This can help keep your workers focused on what they’re working on by allowing them to stay in one program at a time and still have all the information they need readily available.

There are so many different kinds of software that we all depend on every day, and integrating them with each other as much as possible can really help simplify and declutter your users’ virtual workspace.

If you’re looking to integrate an outside tool with your CRM today, get in touch with Pacific Street now to chat about your needs!