Improve Business Productivity by Expanding CRM Reporting

The pandemic has presented a lot of new challenges for businesses, and your CRM can help you turn some of them into growth opportunities. By expanding reporting in your CRM, you can track and measure both internal user productivity metrics as well as process-related metrics so you can zero in on potential areas of improvement.

If you weren’t tracking many metrics thoroughly before, now is a good time to crack down. Trying to assess workers’ productivity has always been easier said than done, but the key is results. Checking in on them at their desk may have been something you thought was helpful before, but was it ever really assessing the quality and quantity of their work output?

Within your CRM system, if you’re collecting the right data, it’s easier than ever to keep your finger on the pulse of your users’ activities. Perhaps you set up a report to track the average time to close deals by rep to see if your staff is still able to turn around a sale in the same period of time as previously. Or maybe you set up a dashboard for each manager to see each of their direct reports’ activity feeds, and follow who’s working on what each day. You could even set up automations to notify you if certain users are not logging in as frequently as they should be.

Similarly, are you taking full advantage of your CRM’s ability to track the details of won and lost opportunities? You don’t know what you don’t know… But you are tracking a ton of data in your CRM and by creating some new reports or adding new metrics to track, you could be learning a lot about which deals are most profitable, which are most likely to close, and how much of a priority different types of deals should be. This is an often neglected aspect of CRM and tapping into this power now can help you focus your users’ efforts where it makes the most sense and avoid wasting energy on deals that are less likely to close or be profitable.

If you’re interested in expanding your CRM reporting to improve productivity, get in touch with Pacific Street now to chat about your needs!