How to Improve Your Business’ Efficiency by Hiring a CRM Administrator

Your company invested many hours in researching and deciding to implement a CRM and then they spent a lot of money purchasing a CRM platform.  So, now how do you use your CRM?  To optimize the value of your investment, you might consider hiring a dedicated CRM administrator to continually adjust the CRM to meet your changing business needs.

An internal IT staffer would not be the ideal administrator because CRM software is very specialized and IT professionals are not experts in every type of software.  Whereas, having a dedicated CRM Administrator that is certified in your specific CRM and understands your business needs, would help your business immensely.  This certified CRM Administrator could help determine the technology to implement that would optimize your CRM.   For example, at the early stage of CRM deployment, a skilled administrator can look at the hundreds of fields of data available and filter the fields that pertain to your business needs.  Subsequently, the administrator would configure the system with the appropriate fields, build dashboards and customize workflows.  In addition, the administrator would make adjustments regularly as changes occur in your business and in software when enhancements get released.

By making adjustments in your CRM regularly, you will see your CRM’s value over time.  The more you use it, the more valuable it becomes.   You will have information about your clients that would enhance your relationship with them.  In addition, as your business users become more versed in using the CRM, a good CRM administrator can help your company find the “A-ha” moments to discover information that can be build upon.  The administrator will continually configure your CRM to optimize it’s strength.  A CRM administrator is always looking to solve your business’ pain points.  From training users and creating workflows to developing calculated fields and creating field level visibility, a CRM administrator possesses the skills and knowledge to help solve your business challenges and consequently improve sales results.

Don’t let your CRM investment become an expensive paperweight and out of date.

Consultants can be hired on a retainer basis, which would be cost efficient as your company pays only for the services they need.  If you think your business could benefit from CRM administration, contact Pacific Street for a consultation.