Automated Birthday Emails – a Simple Customer Retention Tool

Does your CRM send out automated birthday emails? If not, then you’re missing out on a valuable way to show your customers you care! Sending birthday emails is a great way to acknowledge and engage with your patrons, while they, in turn, develop warm feelings for your company. So, why not take advantage of this unique opportunity to auto-connect with clients?

For one of our clients, a race production company, we implemented an automated birthday email using Mailchimp integrated with their SugarCRM instance.  They were already capturing names, email addresses, and birth dates in the system, so all the data they needed was already there.  Emails were scheduled to go out on their birthday at 9am. The message was simple, and included an offer for $10 off a race. This birthday greeting along with the discounted offer yielded a strong open rate of 29% and click-through rate of 6%.

Our client was pleased, as the entire process was automated, and all they had to do was agree to birthday emails. This automation fosters good will and is essential in building long-term ROI.

If you think your business could benefit with CRM automations like this, get in touch with Pacific Street for a consultation.