Does your CRM need a tune-up?

So, you’ve got a CRM. Perhaps it’s been a great system for some time, especially since you had it properly customized for your business processes and users; but lately, it just hasn’t been itself. Or, perhaps it’s never worked quite right for your business.

Even the best CRM deployments weather with age, and if it’s been a while since you’ve made any changes to your system it’s a good idea to consider a CRM tune-up. This is especially true if your CRM isn’t currently being managed by an administrator, or if problems have come up that are beyond your administrator’s level of expertise.

It might be time for your CRM system to get a tune-up if:

  1. Your users complain more than once a month about the system.
    Especially if you are hearing the same concerns popping up again and again, there’s a good chance your CRM hasn’t been kept up-to-date with your users’ changing needs. Maybe they’re having trouble finding the information they need, entering data with ease, providing status updates, or just adhering to the processes. If they’re struggling to get work done, they’re not as efficient as they could be and it’s time to think about a tune-up. The system should make it easier for your users to get work done, not harder.
  2. Your reports don’t seem accurate or helpful enough.
    If you’re frequently unable to find data on your reports that you know should be there, or if the data doesn’t seem to reflect the numbers you get from other sources, there may be a problem with the way your CRM is configured. Maybe your reports seemed fine before, but ever since you made changes to your process or attempted to modify the CRM yourself, they just don’t seem right. And, if you are not able to report on data you’d like to report on, you may just need new reports…or you may need a CRM tune-up. A professional like Pacific Street Inc. can help you determine what’s best.
  3. Your users avoid the CRM and use ‘their own ways’ of keeping track of things.
    This is a bad sign. If this is happening in your workplace your team is not working efficiently and they’re probably not able to keep on top of everything. Plus, your reports will not be accurate if the data isn’t contained in the system. While this can occasionally be the result of poor training, adherence problems like this typically  indicate that your users are less than enchanted with the system—or worse, they simply can’t get their work done within the CRM as it is currently configured. If they prefer to use spreadsheets and email records, especially if they’re not keeping the data in the CRM up-to-date, your reports are suffering, your team coordination is stunted, and a CRM tune-up is long overdue.
  4. You never customized it in the first place, so it’s only really used for contact info.
    When deciding to invest in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, many companies assume that they can simply buy the seats and plug in their users. However, as described in our article about Why CRM Deployments Fail, it’s not that simple. The single best thing about a CRM system is that it can be customized to your business needs. If all your users are getting out of it is contact info, it’s just an expensive rolodex – and you’re wasting your money. Get that thing tuned-up and you’ll be amazed by what it can do to boost your productivity, business intelligence, and bottom line!
Whether or not your CRM was working perfectly when you rolled it out, if it’s not currently an invaluable tool for your users to streamline and organize their workflow, consider the benefits you’ll gain by re-vamping your CRM investment. Think your business could benefit from a CRM tune-up? Get in touch with Pacific Street today for a tune-up consultation today.