CRM Can Help Your Remote Workforce Adapt to The New Normal

A lot of companies are struggling right now, not just with a slowdown in business and other pandemic-related concerns, but also with their internal workforce getting used to working in a more distributed fashion.

Many workers who previously came into the office every day are now adjusting to an extended, potentially permanent work from home situation as we all start to adapt to the changing landscape of a socially distant workplace. And while some workers may find themselves extra productive and loving the flexibility of working from home (in their pajamas), other workers may have some difficulty with managing their time, staying focused, and maintaining a productive workspace within their home environment.

At the same time, management may now find it harder to connect, track progress, provide guidance and support, and just keep up with what’s going on with their remote employees.

In consideration of the additional struggles faced by many at-home workers, as well as the new challenges for managers working to support them and oversee their progress, now might be a good time to invest in your CRM technology to help improve internal communication, streamline and enforce business processes, integrate with outside software, and expand internal reporting in order to help workers adapt and bolster productivity company-wide.

We will dedicate the next few blog posts to covering how your CRM can help with all of these over the next few weeks.  Follow us to read them all, or get in touch with us to talk about how Pacific Street can help you leverage your CRM system to meet your goals!