A Company You Can Relate To: Network Deposition Services

Network Deposition Services is a team of professionals dedicated to providing court reporting, video, interpreting and trial presentation services. They will stop at nothing to give California’s attorneys and law firms the kind of personalized court reporting services they deserve, with the rare combination of a hands-on personal service and the timeliness of a world-class court reporting company. Their expertise lies in providing a powerful, seasoned network and specialized technologies behind the scenes.

Working with Pacific Street Inc., Network Deposition is now empowered with a more grounded platform and strategy for greater growth in their field of expertise. In turn, their partners are also able to leverage the deeper and wider breadth of information available about Network Deposition’s clients and prospects.

The Challenge

Network Deposition identified the following goals and objectives related to sales.

1. They needed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that could be integrated with their proprietary database system to manage their onboarding sales processes.
2. There was a disconnect between their leads and the sales process stemming from a limited scope of data about the customer, which resulted in inconsistencies in business development outcomes. So they wanted to automate the sales process and track leads to ultimately use detailed analytics for a more detailed customer view.

Tactics Implemented

Based on Network Deposition’s goals, Pacific Street Inc. developed a comprehensive strategy to identify, customize and deploy a CRM system that would meet the outlined objectives, including:

  • Costs & Functionality
  • Ease in integrating current database
  • Email marketing component
  • Comprehensive analytics data
  • Mobile app extension for outside reps


✓ Increased sales by 20% to date

✓ Streamlined sales process and onboarding

✓ 360 view of clients

✓ Key analytical data yielding increased conversion rates

✓ Measurable KPIs

Case studies are, dare we say, kinda like menu descriptions- if the waiter’s suggestions and name of the dish don’t make you swoon… then the sizzle in the details might just hook you in! So, we wanted to share this on-going case study of Network Deposition to demonstrate our process and help you identify with a business whose needs might just match yours.