Boost Internal Communication in Your Distributed Workforce with CRM

The pandemic has forced many companies to change the way their employees and management communicate with each other. In some companies, regular in-person meetings, dropping by each others’ desks, and even business lunches were the go-to communication methods when everyone was in the office. Now, the office is much more virtual.

Whether you already have a CRM System or are looking to invest in one, something to consider is how you can use that CRM to improve communication between your distributed workforce now that your workers are not in the same physical location. For example, if your sales reps previously had to get verbal approvals from managers on deals prior to closing, your CRM could now be set up to prompt the user’s manager for the approval when the rep tries to change the deal to closed. Then your sales reps won’t have to play phone tag or send multiple emails to get the approval needed to close their deals, and managers can better silo their workflow to ensure approvals get turned around in a speedy manner. Secondarily, you will be able to report on metrics such as how long it takes to get an approval and see whether or not slower approvals affect your deal closure rate.

A seemingly small change like this could translate to huge time savings and speedier turnarounds on approvals, which ultimately is better not only for your users’ productivity but also for your customers’ experience.

Many CRMs also now include some type of social/tagging features which some companies find useful for workers who are already comfortable with this sort of interface. This helps users keep each other notified of what’s happening with a particular record so that everyone’s on the same page.

And of course if your company has started using an outside tool such as Slack (or if you’re just relying more on email) to help smooth internal communication, integrating these tools with your CRM can really speed up and simplify your users’ workflow throughout the day.

If you are interested in leveraging more of your CRM to smooth internal communication in your business, we’d love to help – get in touch with Pacific Street to chat about your needs!